Totally excited about my new rice cooker

Aroma rice cookerMy birthday was just a few days ago and I got one of the best gifts I could have ever wanted – Aroma Rice Cooker. Aroma rice cookers are among Chef Brazil’s most-recommended rice cookers. My parents came down for the cake cutting and brought me this big box which had me thinking hard at its contents, the moment I saw it. After everybody was gone, I went onto open my presents and I opened that box first. I was so happy that I called my parents right away (it was 2.30 am in the morning) and said a lot of thanks and many more things. I was happy that how they remembered me saying that I was saving for a rice cooker so that I don’t have to order food from outside and can include healthy things in my diet. My parents gave a thought to it and gifted me my wish on my birthday.

I have started using the rice cooker since then and have made rice and steamed veggies to begin with. There used to be a rice cooker at my parents’ house and I used to make rice in it in vacations and the times I was there. But this cooker is totally new and has so many controls and hence, the cooking is a bit different. I was apprehensive to use it at first but the easy menu settings and optimized functions were completely understood in one go. If you have not used a rice cooker earlier, then you can read the instruction manual to get used to the control and understand the machine in a better manner.

Made cake in rice cooker

My cooker has a capacity of 5 liter which is perfect for a hostess like me. I like hosting parties at my place and cook some things myself. The steamer basket is large. The keep warm function is awesome and I even made a cake which turned out pretty fine. I am sure that as you read this, you can totally understand that I am so much excited about my new rice cooker. Well, you are not at all wrong. I totally love it and cannot wait to use it more and more.

Oopsie.. the rice cooker beeped. I need to go get my veggies and rice out. Now, I am going to saute the steamed veggies and you, as I expect, are going to order your rice cooker or make some rice. Right?

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