WWVBS 2016 = $1500 for Danzig's Roost!

by Plants Animals

We raised $1500 for Danzig's Roost Rooster Sanctuary!!

Danzig's Roost is a local Colorado animal sanctuary where farmed birds who would otherwise have died an unnecessarily early and brutal death can live out their lives in health, peace, and loving care. 

Through our 2016 Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, we raised $1500 to support this local sanctuary! 

A special thanks to the great businesses and local bakers who donated baked goods, the awesome volunteers, the generous people who came out to donate cash and chow on tasty vegan treats, and of course the special folks who run Danzig's Roost!

Donating Businesses Included:

  • Nooch | Vegan Market
  • The Handy Diner
  • Vegan Van
  • Blackheart Creations
  • Watercourse Bakery
  • Sweet Action Ice Cream
  • Beet Box Bakery
  • MiddleState Coffee